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Trying to lose weight with little to no success can be frustrating and unmotivating. Embarking on a weight loss journey is a personal decision that requires support from various sources. Research studies provide more options to help people meet their individual health goals. Our brief survey will help us understand your unique situation, preferences, and weight loss goals. Rest assured, all information shared is confidential and used solely for research and program matching purposes. Let us support a healthier and happier you!

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A visit with a licensed Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant

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Free Health Exam Locations

Oklahoma City Location
Oklahoma City, OK

1301 N Portland Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Located behind Portland Avenue Church, in the back of the parking lot and in front of the gym.

Phoenix Location
Phoenix, AZ

16215 North Tatum Boulevard,
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Located in the southeast corner of Desert Springs Church parking lot.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

EmVenio Research is dedicated to bringing convenience to clinical trials and reaching all types of communities, especially those who haven’t always been given the opportunity. There are many reasons for someone to participate in a trial, some of the common ones being:

Access to cutting-edge treatments

Receive free or low cost medical care

Contribute to medical advancements

Financial incentives

Opportunity to learn more about a condition

Contribute to the advancement in science and future treatments

Help others suffering from the same disease or condition.

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